Mavi Grup has set out with unlimited service, unconditional customer satisfaction and has achieved this to a perfect level.

Solving all kinds of problems in foreign trade is our service area.


– Customs Brokerage
– Import Consultancy
– Export Consultancy
– Investment Consultancy- International Transport
– Internal Transport
– Logistics and Storage
– Supply of materials from abroad
– D.İ.İ.B. , Investment incentive certificate and follow up of documents in other public and organizations.
Such operations can be listed as project completion, conclude and give consultancy services.

Mavi Grup Customs Brokerage has brought a whole new look and service concept to Customs Clearance Service. With the pride of being a company acting with the awareness that Customs Brokerage is a comprehensive consultancy service before and after, not only to carry out the operations of the materials coming to Customs, but also has become a solution point in your foreign trade from a single center.

MAVİ GROUP CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY, which gives importance to information as part of unlimited service and unconditional customer satisfaction; In line with your needs and expectations in Foreign Trade, we are a young team that carries its knowledge and knowledge to the expert by answering your questions and problems with our information network spread throughout the country which always renews itself. In order to be one step ahead of your competitors, it is one of our main duties to follow all the changes and innovations related to your field of activity in foreign trade in three different publications, especially in the official newspaper and to inform you by means of solutions.

– Feasibility study on imported and exported materials
– Implementation of inward and outward processing regime
– Follow-up of all stages of order from door to door delivery
– Tracking the arrival time and documents of the goods from the shipping company
– Turnover transactions of the documents
– Ordino Taking over
– Detection of the goods GTIP and investigation of whether it is subject to permission from any institution
– Authorization of the materials subject to authorization from the relevant institutions
– Flanking if necessary
– Inspection and registration of the goods
– In case of defect damage and failure, keeping the minutes and informing the relevant units
– Temporary import and export operations and follow-up periods
– Close the customs declaration and delivery of the export copy to the firm
– Preparation and delivery of full and complete documents in compliance with the requirements of letter of credit
– Transit operations
– D.İ.İ.B Follow-up and finalization of investment incentive certificate and other documents related to foreign trade-

With the Cyber software program, Mavi Grup has moved its Customs Office to its own office and has ensured that transactions are faster and more reliable by making declarations and registrations from the office through online connection with the Undersecretariat. If preliminary preparations are started and your documents are received in full and they are not subject to any authority permission, they will complete your import and export operations until the end of the day.