As it is known, as the duration and level of education received from official channels (high school, university) increases, the learning capacity increases. However, no matter what level of formal education is taken, even if a diploma has been received from the most prestigious school in the world, full performance cannot be demonstrated when a new work is started. It is also a fact that there are sometimes gaps between the information taught in official educational institutions and the information required in practice. For this reason, it is necessary to provide training for the company in accordance with the specific conditions of the workplace so that the benefit expected from the works can be ensured and efficiency is reduced. Do not forget; Education is a human investment for companies. When the uneducated workforce is educated and trained, it becomes commonplace to work with less cost.

Human resources are the main factor in success and hence the increase in prosperity. The most important is the knowledgeable man. It’s important to note that education does not have the knowledge and skills acquired at a certain time it’s an action that should last a lifetime for both individuals and firms / institutions. However, it is possible to be knowledgeable people by constantly learning.

Training Subjects

  • Customs Law and Regulation
  • Smuggling Law
  • Preparation for Foreign Trade
  • Export Procedures
  • Import Procedures
  • Customs Legislation and Applications
  • Delivery Methods Used in Foreign Trade
  • Documents Used in Foreign Trade
  • Payment Methods in Foreign Trade
  • Government Support in the Scope of Export Incentives
  • Free Zones
  • Transportation and Insurance Operations in Foreign Trade
  • Foreign Trade Accounting Operations